Battlefield opening hours: Dawn to Dusk. Open all days

156th Anniversary Weekend

Come and visit Cedar Mountain Battlefield for its 156th anniversary.


Saturday, August 11

The overall objectives are to make the event as Interactive as possible for the visiting public, and as Immersive as possible for participants.

Interactive involves inviting the public to participate with us in drill, to include infantry and artillery. Inviting them into our camps and let them get as close up and personal as possible. We want folks falling in with us and going through the evolutions of drill. We’ll have some extra kit with us so they can at least get a taste of it (e.g. you may not get a full kit, but you’ll get a cartridge box). We also plan to throw out pickets in the evenings and will exchange fire in the proximity of the camps, hopefully with the public present in camp. We’re also talking about torchlight tours to coincide with this, and two of our Associate Members are planning to interpret refugees. Pickets and night fire would = Immersive for participants.

We’re looking at approx. 60 – 70 participants target. I’ve got CS and US Infantry, 2 – 3 guns and CS Cavalry committed thus far.

We plan to dispense with the battle scenarios in favor of the aforementioned torchlight tours and pickets.

Sunday, August 12th