2020 Battle Reenactment – Information for Reenactors

Rear Rank Productions, the Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield and the Valley Guards are honored to present, on the original ground, Slaughter on the Mountain, the reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Mountain, on August 7-9, 2020 near Culpeper, Virginia.

We are looking forward to this groundbreaking event, which marks the first time since 1987 that a large-scale reenactment depicting unit-specific actions has been held to commemorate the 1862 battle on the actual ground where it occurred. All proceeds go to the preservation and interpretation of the Cedar Mountain Battlefield.

As at previous Rear Rank Production events, Slaughter on the Mountain will feature both campaign and garrison camping areas, even-handed event rule enforcement, proper force ratios and unit-specific scenarios.

We are working on two public scenarios and one participant-only scenario. All artillery and cavalry are by invitation only.

Information for participants

Federal forces  (information will be posted soon)

Confederate forces  (information will be posted soon)

Civilian reenactors  (includes civilian guidelines that must be read BEFORE registering)

Rules and regulations  (all participants must read BEFORE registering)

American Battlefield Trust waiver (please print, sign and bring with you)

Registration for military reenactors

Registration for civilian reenactors

Event location

Resources for participants

O’Sullivan, Timothy H, photographer. Cedar Mountain, Virginia. Panoramic view from center of battlefield of Cedar Mountain. United States, 1862. Aug. Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2018671741/