Annual Living History

Each year we host a commemoration of the battle in early August. We invite you to join us!

The 2021 commemoration and living history program was held August 7-8, 2021. We are grateful to the Federal, Confederate and civilian living historians who brought to life the experiences of soldiers and civilians impacted by the battle. Thank you to everyone who came out for the event!

Highlights (photos follow):

  • Combined arms demonstration (infantry and artillery) and  School of the Soldier. The School of the Soldier offered the opportunity to participate in basic drill and instruction; work with the infantry and learn how to handle a musket; learn how to march, drill and fight; and even serve on a gun crew.
  • Visiting the encampments to stroll amongst the Union and Confederate camps and learn about the life of a soldier. 
  • Checking out the  kids’ tent(s), with the History Trunk generously provided by the American Battlefield Trust with soldiers’ uniforms, equipment, and  personal items. Kids could also take a look at wartime artifacts such as shell fragments and bullets, and investigate old maps and photographs of Cedar Mountain.
  • Battlefield tours with a guide. Thank you American Battlefield Trust members for visiting Cedar Mountain for a Twilight Tour!
  • Visitors saw the amazing work of photographer Robert Szabo, nationally recognized for his expertise with 19th century wet plate collodion photography. Using a portable dark room and old-style camera, Mr. Szabo demonstrated how to prepare glass plates for use in his camera and develop glass plate negatives on site. 
  • Visitors learned about the wartime experience of the 46th Pennsylvania Infantry —  shattered at Cedar Mountain with 30 killed, 34 badly wounded, and 6 captured — from two authors! Ben Myers, in period uniform, showcased his book American Citizen. Myers’ book documents the Civil War experience of George Brooks, a captain in the 46th PA during the Battle of Cedar Mountain. Myers’ great great great grandfather served in Company D of the  46th PA under Captain Brooks. Author George Bradley brought copies of his two books to Cedar Mountain: Surviving Stonewall and  They Knew No Glory, a set that follows the 46th Pennsylvania through to the end of the war.
  •  The Cedar Mountain signal station demonstrated use of signal flags and message encoding, used by both armies during the war.
  • A moving feature of the weekend is always Sunday’s Memorial Ceremony presented by Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield (FCMB). This ceremony recognizes the fallen at Cedar Mountain whose names have been submitted to the FCMB Ancestors Roll by their descendants.
Rockbridge Artillery photo by Jennifer Michael
School of the Soldier photo by Brad Forbush
Confederate soldiers photo by Karen Boushie
Union soldiers photo by Jennifer Michael
Kids’ tent photo by Karen Boushie
Robert Szabo photo by Jennifer Michael
Signal Corp photo by Jennifer Michael
Remembrance Ceremony photo by Brad Forbush

Reenactors who are interested in our 2022 anniversary event on August 6-7, 2022: please email us at

We hope you’ll enjoy a few photos from our 2020 and 2019 battle commemorations, below.


Drills and discussion with visitors
Cavalry presentation
Confederate encampment


2019 anniversary event; photo by Stephanie Decembrio
2019 anniversary event; photo by Stephanie Decembrio
2019 anniversary event; photo by Stephanie Decembrio
2019 anniversary event; photo by Stephanie Decembrio