Battle scenarios

Battle Scenarios at Slaughter on the Mountain are described below. Included are quotes from the Official Records that give a sense of the action on the field.
Saturday, August 6 scenario: Attack of the 28th New York

At approximately 6:00 PM on August 9, 1862, three regiments of General Samuel Crawford’s Brigade attacked across a wheatfield on the western side of Cedar Mountain Battlefield. They shattered the incomplete left flank of the Confederate battle line and routed most of the regiments present, pursuing them almost ½ mile and overrunning the Confederate artillery on Crittenden Lane, before being stopped by fresh Confederate troops.

In this scenario US participants will be following in the footsteps of the 28th NY Volunteer Infantry that took 358 men into battle and lost over 200 of them.

CS participants will be on the ground occupied by the 150 men of the 1st Virginia Battalion. The CS participants that finally stop Crawford’s men will represent the 14th GA of Taliaferro’s Brigade and 13rd VA of Early’s Brigade.

Sunday, August 7 scenario: Attack of the 7th Ohio

 At approximately 6:15 PM on August 9, 1862 four regiments of Ohio troops under General John W. Geary, advanced through a cornfield bordering the Orange-Culpeper Road, into the teeth of Confederate musket and artillery fire. The brigade was in two lines of two regiments each. On the right of the first line was the 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The 7th OH took 309 men into battle that day and 191 would become casualties in the space of 30 minutes.

US participants will walk in the footsteps of the 7th OH as they take casualties, close ranks, and press on.

CS participants will represent the 47th AL and 37th VA of Taliaferro’s brigade, supported by all Confederate artillery that is present. This will be a static defense along the Crittenden Lane until the Federal forces retire, at which point they will advance across the cornfield and occupy the ground that the Federals had attacked across.