No. 9. Col. George L. Andrews.

No. 9.

Report of Col. George L. Andrews, Second Massachusetts Infantry,  Third Brigade.

Hdqrs. Second Regt. Massachusetts Volunteers,         
Camp near Slaughter Mountain,  August 11, 1862.

      In compliance with orders from brigade headquarters I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of the Second Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, August 9: Continue reading “No. 9. Col. George L. Andrews.”

No. 10. Col. Silas Colgrove.

No. 10.

Report of Col. Silas Colgrove, Twenty-seventh Indiana Infantry.

Hdqrs. Twenty-seventh Regt. Indiana Volunteers,         
August  12, 1862.

       Sir:    I have the honor of submitting the following report of the part taken in the battle of the 9th instant by the Twenty-seventh Regiment Indiana Volunteers: Continue reading “No. 10. Col. Silas Colgrove.”

No. 11. Brig. Gen. Christopher C. Augur.

No. 11.

Report of Brig. Gen. Christopher C. Augur, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division.

Washington, D.C.,   September  10, 1862. 

      Major:     I desire respectfully to submit the following report of the operations of my division in the battle of Cedar Mountain up to 7 o’clock p. m., the time I was wounded and left the field: Continue reading “No. 11. Brig. Gen. Christopher C. Augur.”

No. 12. Brig. Gen. John W. Geary.

No. 12.

Report of Brig. Gen. John W. Geary, U. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

_____, __, 1862.

      General:    I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by the First Brigade, Second Division, Second Corps, Army of Virginia, in the action at Cedar Creek, on Saturday, August 9: Continue reading “No. 12. Brig. Gen. John W. Geary.”

No. 13. Capt. Joseph M Knap.

No. 13.

Report of Capt. Joseph M. Knap, Battery E, Pennsylvania Light Artillery.

Headquarters Knap’s Pennsylvania Battery,     
Near Culpeper, Va., August  14, 1862.

      Colonel:     On Friday, 8th instant, I was ordered by general Crawford, commanding brigade at Culpeper, to move at 4 p.m. in advance of his brigade with four guns.  We took a position on an eminence to the left of the Orange road, some 400 yards beyond Cedar Run, and remained there all night, nothing occurring until 12 m. on Saturday, the 9th instant. Continue reading “No. 13. Capt. Joseph M Knap.”

No. 14. Col. John H. Patrick.

No. 14.

Reports of Col. John H. Patrick,  Fifth Ohio Infantry.

Headquarters Fifth Ohio Volunteers,           
In the Field,  August  11, 1862.

      Sir:     We left Culpeper about 9 a.m. Saturday (9th), and reached the field of action, 8 miles distant, about 2 p. m.;  took position on the left;  stacked arms and rested;  were shortly afterward ordered to support a battery, which was in position in the center.   After about an hour were ordered to advance, taking about 300 men into the engagement. Continue reading “No. 14. Col. John H. Patrick.”

No. 15. Col. William R. Creighton.

No. 15.

Report of Col. William R. Creighton, Seventh Ohio Infantry.

Hdqrs. Seventh Regt. Ohio Volunteer Infantry,       
In Field near Culpeper Court-House,  August  9, 1862.

      Sir:       I would respectfully submit the following report of the part taken by the Seventh Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the battle of Cedar Creek, Saturday, August 9, 1862: Continue reading “No. 15. Col. William R. Creighton.”

No. 16. Capt. Wilbur F. Stevens.

No. 16.

Report of Capt. Wilbur F. Stevens, Twenty-ninth Ohio Infantry.

Hdqrs. Twenty-ninth Regt. Ohio Vol. Infantry,       
Camp near Culpeper Court-House, Va., August  14, 1862.

      Sir:      In obedience to your order of this date I have the honor to make the following report of the Twenty-ninth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the late action near Cedar Mountain, August 9: Continue reading “No. 16. Capt. Wilbur F. Stevens.”

No. 17. Col. Charles Candy.

No. 17.

Report of Col. Charles Candy, Sixty-sixth Ohio Infantry.

Hdqrs. Sixty-sixth Regt. Ohio Vol. Infty., U. S. A.,               
Camp near Culpeper Court-House, Va.,  August  11, 1862.

     General:    In compliance to circular, dated Headquarters Second Division Corps D’Armée,  Army of Virginia, I have the honor to make the following report of the part taken by my regiment in the late action of Saturday, August 9, near Culpeper Court-House, Va.: Continue reading “No. 17. Col. Charles Candy.”

No. 18. Lieut. Col. Hector Tyndale.

No. 18.

Report of Lieut. Col. Hector Tyndale, Twenty-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry, of reconnaissance to Thoroughfare Mountain.

Headquarters Twenty-Eighth Regt. Pa. Vols.,       
Near Culpeper, Va., August 11, 1862.

      Colonel:       On the 9th instant, being ordered by General Geary, I took this regiment on to Thoroughfare mountain, 10 miles distant from this road, to retake possession and re-establish the signal station, driven thence by the enemy’s cavalry in the morning of that day.  I found no signs of the rebels on the route, except some half a dozen scouts, Continue reading “No. 18. Lieut. Col. Hector Tyndale.”