No. 32. Lieut. Col. Lawson Botts.

No. 32.

Report of Lieut. Col. Lawson Botts, Second Virginia Infantry.

[Camp Garnett],  August 13, 1862.

     Captain:   In obedience to order I have the honor to report that on Saturday, the 9th, about the hour of 5 p. m., the First Brigade, of which this (the Second Regiment of Virginia Infantry) is a part, was marched though a woods near Cedar Run, in Culpeper [County], in column of regiments, within range of the enemy’s artillery, a shell occasionally falling near the brigade.   Shortly after the column was deployed in line of battle just at the skirt of the wood, facing a large field and another piece of wood, the division fence being near the center of the Second Regiment.

     By order of Colonel Ronald, commanding, the bridge was moved to the front. Almost immediately afterward a regiment of the enemy appeared on the other side of the field.  This regiment, though supported by others in the wood, fled after a short resistance, and the Second Regiment, with the Fourth and Fifth, drove the enemy through the wood they occupied.  Finding no enemy in the front, and that the right wing of the brigade was pressed, the Second Regiment was ordered to its support, Captain Moore, of Company I, being left with a strong company to scout the woods and prevent surprise.   Joining the right wing, the enemy was driven again from position and followed till night rendered pursuit dangerous.

     I cannot too highly commend the conduct of the officers and men of my command; and though exposed for some hours to the enemy’s fire, providentially no one was killed and but 7 wounded.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

     [Capt. John H. Fulton,
           Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.]