No. 48. Lieut. John C. Carpenter.

No. 48.

Report of Lieut. J. C. Carpenter, Carpenter’s Virginia Battery.

Camp Near Gordonsville, Va.,
August 14, 1862.

     Sir:     In obedience to circular issued from Headquarters Valley District on the 13th instant, I have to make the following report of the part taken by this battery in the action at Cedar Run on August 9:

     I received orders early in the afternoon to take my Parrott piece to the front, which was promptly executed, placing it in position within 700 yards of five or six pieces of the enemy.   Major Andrews thinking it would be rather an unequal contest, ordered [me] not [to] commence firing until Captain Poague could bring his [guns] in position, when we commenced firing, which was soon returned most vigorously; but a short time sufficed to force them back some 300 yards, when we advanced about half that distance, where we kept firing until their infantry, who attempted to flank us, were within 150 or 200 yards of us and our infantry falling back past us.    Moving to the right some 200 yards [we] came into position again, the infantry still falling back.  I again limbered up and, from carelessness of the drivers, broke the pole, when with difficulty [we] got the piece off, leaving the limber on the field, which I had repaired as soon as the Yankees were driven back, being ready for service by 9 o’clock.  The other three pieces were brought up under range of the enemy’s guns, but not ordered into position. 

     The detachment which was engaged deserves particular notice as having done their duty, some two or three of them having exhausted themselves so [they] felt unable to do anything.   Sending word back to the captain, he started to bring me a new detachment, when he was wounded in the forehead.  W.  M.  McAllister (private) shot through the arm; the only man wounded.  I also have to report Private William J. Winn as having left the company that morning without leave, and not being seen till the next day, which he has been in the habit of doing.

J. C. CARPENTER,      
Lieutenant, Commanding Battery.

     Colonel Ronald,
           Commanding First Brigade, Valley District.