No. 65. Capt. Louis D’Aquin.

No. 65.

Report of Capt. Louis E. D’Aquin, Louisiana Guard Artillery.

                                                                               Camp Wheat,  August 14, 1862.

     [I have the honor to make the following] report of the behavior of the officers and men of the Louisiana Guard Artillery in [the] late engagement of the 9th instant:

     The behavior of both officers and men of this command in the battle [of] the 9th was such as might be expected of men fighting for their homes and liberties.  It would be doing injustice to the others to mention any one for better behavior.  All seemed to have always been under fire.  They behaved like veterans, although this was their first engagement. Besides, there was no opportunity for individual distinction.  There were none absent without leave, nor could I have made them leave even had I ordered it.

                                                                                                     L. E. D’AQUIN,