Event recap: Soldiers of Virginia

We invite you to have a look at the 300-year chronology of uniforms and weaponry from our Soldiers of Virginia event on October 31! We are grateful to all of the living historians for sharing their knowledge as well as their enthusiasm for history with visitors, and we add particular thanks to James Owens for organizing this event.

Thank you to Clark B. Hall for providing the photos below of Soldiers of Virginia participants.


Living historians representing the first settlers of Virginia, 1607-1699: Jeremiah Hornbaker and Chas Ritinski.

Living historians representing the American Revolution (left) and War of 1812: Paul Flemming, Bill Lynch and Chris Algiere.

Living historians representing the Civil War. Soldiers from left to right: Aaron Hooks, Ashton Walker, Jason Lloyd, Kevin Legg. Civilian: Christina Herald.

Living historian representing the Spanish-American War: Ray Paski.

Living historian representing the First World War: Marc Benedict.

Living historians representing World War II: Les Albers and Mike Wolfe.