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The 21st Virginia Infantry: A difficult first year

The following review of the 21st Virginia Infantry’s first year of battle was prepared by FCMB board member Bradley Forbush. This review was prepared in conjunction with a tour of Cedar Mountain in August 2018 by Mike Dove, a descendant of five 21st Virginia Infantry members (read the tour report). Continue reading “The 21st Virginia Infantry: A difficult first year”

Clara Barton at Cedar Mountain

Did you know that Clara Barton, the pioneering nurse who founded the American Red Cross, treated wounded soldiers at the Battle of Cedar Mountain? From a recent Washington Post article: “In August 1862, she rode her wagon full of supplies to a field hospital by the Cedar Mountain battlefield in Virginia. She showed up in the middle of the night, and to the surgeon there, it seemed like a miracle.” Read more

April 6, 2019 Park Day at Cedar Mountain Battlefield

We are grateful to the hard working folks who came out with rakes, clippers, chain saws, trowels, shovels, donuts (from crowd-pleasing Knakals Bakery in Culpeper) and SMILES to help during our annual clean up for Park Day. Park Day is sponsored by the American Battlefield Trust to support historic preservation through community involvement in restoration and maintenance projects. Continue reading “April 6, 2019 Park Day at Cedar Mountain Battlefield”

Park Day 2019 at Cedar Mountain Battlefield

We certainly appreciate our community’s support
on Park Day, April 6, 2019!
You will be part of a national effort to keep America’s battlefields and historic sites pristine  to honor our nation’s history and provide memorable learning experiences and recreational enjoyment.

Continue reading “Park Day 2019 at Cedar Mountain Battlefield”