No. 28. Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson.

No. 28.

Reports of Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson, C.S. Army, commanding Valley District, with congratulations from General R. E. Lee.

Near Locust Dale,  August 9, 1862.

      General:   I am not making much progress.  The enemy’s cavalry yesterday and last night also threatened my train.  Eight of their number, including 3 officers, were captured by Colonel Flournoy yesterday.  None were captured last night so far as heard. Continue reading “No. 28. Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson.”

No. 50. Maj. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill.

No. 50.

Report of Maj. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill, C. S. Army, commanding Light Division.

Headquarters Light Division,     
Camp Gregg,  March 8, 1863.

     Colonel:    I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by the Light Division, under my command, at the battle of Cedar Run: Continue reading “No. 50. Maj. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill.”

No. 52. Brig. Gen. James J. Archer.

No. 52.

Report of Brig. Gen. James J. Archer, C. S. Army, commanding _____ Brigade.

Headquarters Archer’s Brigade,                  
General A. P. Hill’s Light Division,        

August 14, 1862.

     Major:   I have the honor to report that early in the morning of the 9th instant I marched with my brigade, about 1,200 strong, constituting a part of Major-General Hill’s division, from Orange Court-House toward the battle-field.   Continue reading “No. 52. Brig. Gen. James J. Archer.”

No. 57. Brig. Gen. William D. Pender.

No. 57.

Report of Brig. Gen. William D. Pender, C. S. Army, commanding Sixth Brigade.

Headquarters Sixth Brigade, Light Division,    
[August 21?], 1862.

     General:    I have the honor to state that, in obedience to your orders, I formed my brigade on the left of General Archer’s, on the left of the road going from Cedar Run to Culpeper, in the battle on the 9th instant.  Continue reading “No. 57. Brig. Gen. William D. Pender.”