No. 4. Maj. Richard I. Falls.

No. 4.

Report of Maj. Richard I. Falls, First Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Hdqrs. First Bat. First Pennsylvania Res. Cav.,        
In the Field, August  13, 1862.

       Sir:     According to your instructions I beg leave to offer the following report of charge made by the First Battalion of your regiment, under my immediate command, at the battle of Cedar Mountain on the 9th instant:

       At about 5 o’clock  p.m.  I was directed by Brigadier-General Bayard to charge through the enemy’s lines at a point where they were supposed to be forming for a charge on our batteries, Continue reading “No. 4. Maj. Richard I. Falls.”

No. 28. Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson.

No. 28.

Reports of Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson, C.S. Army, commanding Valley District, with congratulations from General R. E. Lee.

Near Locust Dale,  August 9, 1862.

      General:   I am not making much progress.  The enemy’s cavalry yesterday and last night also threatened my train.  Eight of their number, including 3 officers, were captured by Colonel Flournoy yesterday.  None were captured last night so far as heard. Continue reading “No. 28. Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson.”

No. 38. Capt. William A. Witcher.

No. 38.

Report of Capt. W. A. Witcher, Twenty-first Virginia Infantry.

Camp Near Gordonsville, Va.,     
August 13, 1862.

     Sir:   In obedience to order I offer the following report of the Twenty-first Virginia Regiment in the battle of Slaughter Mountain on the 9th instant, which I fear will be an imperfect one, as I only took command after the fight had considerably advanced: Continue reading “No. 38. Capt. William A. Witcher.”

No. 43. Lieut. Col. James W. Jackson.

No. 43.

Report of Lieut. Col. James W. Jackson, Forty-seventh Alabama Infantry.

Camp Near Liberty Mills, Va,      
August 13, 1862.

     Colonel:   On Saturday last, 4 p. m., the 9th instant, I arrived with my regiment (the Forty-seventh Alabama) within range of the enemy’s batteries that had opened on the advancing columns of our army.  We were allowed to rest a few minutes, when we were again ordered to advance and take our position under the range of the enemy’s guns. Continue reading “No. 43. Lieut. Col. James W. Jackson.”

No. 50. Maj. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill.

No. 50.

Report of Maj. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill, C. S. Army, commanding Light Division.

Headquarters Light Division,     
Camp Gregg,  March 8, 1863.

     Colonel:    I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by the Light Division, under my command, at the battle of Cedar Run: Continue reading “No. 50. Maj. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill.”

No. 61. Col. James A. Walker.

No. 61.

Report of Col. James A. Walker, Thirteenth Virginia Infantry.

August 14, 1862.     

     I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of my regiment at the battle near Mitchell’s Station, fought on the 9th instant: Continue reading “No. 61. Col. James A. Walker.”